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Improve the quality of life with compassion, care and comfort in your own home

We stand for personal attention and involvement, and adapt our care to the client's wishes for a perfectly fitting care plan.

We stand for personal attention and involvement, and adapt our care to the client's wishes for a perfectly fitting care plan.

We stand for personal attention and involvement, and adapt our care to the client's wishes for a perfectly fitting care plan.

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At Happyhomecare we offer tailor-made full-time care solutions nationwide, so that you or your family member can continue to live at home.

Our caregivers are specially chosen based on a personal match and the wishes of the client. Because the caregiver lives with the client, (un)planned care can be guaranteed. We strive for two caregivers for each client who alternate every six weeks. In this way they build a good bond with the client and with each other.

"Krijg toegang tot de beste 24uurs zorg gefinancierd door de overheid met onze hulp bij de aanvraag van uw persoonsgebonden budget. Onze particuliere fulltime thuiszorg oplossing biedt een inwonende zorgverlener, zodat er altijd professionele zorg aanwezig is. Neem contact met ons op via de contactgegevens op deze pagina."

Bij Happyhomecare staat persoonlijke zorg centraal. Onze aanpak is gericht op maatwerk en het creëren van een zorgplan dat perfect aansluit bij uw unieke behoeften en wensen. Samen zorgen we voor een veilige en vertrouwde thuisomgeving waar u zich comfortabel voelt.

Our team of care coordinators carefully matches each client with a qualified care provider who has the necessary skills and experience.

Once the caregiver is selected, we implement the care plan and closely monitor the client's progress and well-being.

Ervaringen van onze cliënten

Van der Heide ,Client's family

“Their wonderful healthcare professionals continue to work tirelessly to keep my parents happy, safe and well at home. They quickly adapted to new guidelines and provided my parents with much-needed emotional support during such an anxious time.”

We offer 24-hour home care that perfectly suits the personal situation of your loved one.

Our live-in care professionals are always there for your loved one and we are active throughout the Netherlands. Please feel free to contact us for a free intake at a location of your choice. More information can be found here.

We believe that you have the right to care in a home environment where you feel safe and comfortable.

That is why we offer affordable 24-hour home care, which is specially tailored to your personal situation. Our healthcare professionals are more than willing to provide you with the best possible care. Let's create the care you deserve together. Read more about our care offering here.

Our specific concern


An essential aspect of attention to ALS care is creating a safe and trusting environment whereclients feel heard, understood and respected. This requires active listening skills, patience and empathy on the part of healthcare providers, who work to understand the individual experiences and perspectives of eachclient .


After the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), many questions will probably arise. Living with MS will help you find your way. We provide information and support to make your life with MS as pleasant as possible. Together we will look at how you deal with the disease, so that you can live a dignified life.


Our care goes beyond just support and guidance. We emphasize the emotional aspect of Alzheimer's care and the importance of preserving precious memories. We assist you with professional expertise to meet the challenges of Alzheimer's.


Living with Parkinson's does not have to be a major obstacle. Together we find ways to optimize your quality of life. We offer information, practical tips and emotional support to deal with Parkinson's in daily practice.

Medical Rehabilitation

Focus on rehabilitation stands for optimal recovery after illness, condition or injury. We offer a personalized plan to improve your functioning and regain your independence. With intensive guidance from experienced therapists, we work together on your goals, so that you can live with dignity again.


At Happyhomecare we do not see a CVA as the end, but as the beginning of a new chapter in your life. A chapter in which recovery and quality of life are central. Our healthcare providers are specially trained to support you with the physical and cognitive challenges that a stroke entails.

Always close.

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