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Our healthcare professionals

Experience 24/7 live-in care with compassion and reassurance for patients with serious illnesses

Skilled and involved

Goed opgeleide en empathische zorgprofessionals

Bij Happyhomecare zijn onze zorgprofessionals het kloppende hart van onze organisatie.

They are the invisible heroes who provide care and comfort every day to those who need it most. Our caregivers are not only highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field, but also have a deep passion for care and an unparalleled commitment to the well-being of our clients. In a world where care is often seen as a routine, they bring warmth, empathy and a personal touch that goes beyond the standard.

High-quality care

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to providing exceptional care for patients.

Heart for the client

We bieden compassievolle ondersteuning aan cliënten en hun families gedurende hun gezondheidszorgtraject.


Improving lives,
every day again

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In de wereld van vandaag, waar de zorg voor onze geliefden met speciale behoeften steeds complexer wordt, staat Happyhomecare als een baken van hoop en ondersteuning. Bij Happyhomecare begrijpen we dat elke cliënt uniek is, met eigen verhalen, behoeften en dromen. Onze missie is niet alleen om hoogwaardige zorg te bieden, maar ook om het leven van onze cliënten elke dag een beetje beter te maken.

Our care goes beyond the medical aspects; we focus on creating a warm, loving environment where our patients not only feel safe and cared for, but also valued and respected. Our dedicated healthcare professionals, who live with patients, are more than just caregivers; they are friends, listeners and sometimes even family. They are there to hold hands during difficult moments, to laugh during joy and to fill every day with moments of happiness and understanding.

At Happyhomecare we believe in person-centered care, which means we tailor each care plan to meet the specific needs and wishes of our patients.

Whether supporting daily activities, providing specialized medical care or simply providing companionship, our approach is always empathetic and respectful.

With 7 years at Happyhomecare, Ivana Svabovska is a trusted caregiver known for her compassion and dedication. Her passion for enriching lives makes her a real asset to the team.

Ivana Svabovska

Working with us for 7 years

Discover how our 24/7 live-in care works

Our step-by-step process for arranging 24/7 Live-In Care ensures a seamless experience. From initial assessment to caregiver placement and ongoing management, we keep our patients' health and comfort as a priority.

First introduction and intake

We beginnen met een grondige beoordeling van de behoeften en voorkeuren van de cliëntënt en stellen een persoonlijk zorgplan op.

Caregiver Matching and Placement

Our experienced team will carefully select the most suitable healthcare provider for personal support and companionship with you.

Voortdurend Zorgbeheer

We guarantee the highest level of care by regularly monitoring and adjusting the care plan, and by providing continuous support and coordination.

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