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De kosten voor uw zorg worden in de meeste gevallen betaald door de overheid

In alles wat we doen stellen we de tevredenheid van onze cliënten centraal

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What is insured?

As healthcare provider Happyhomecare, we understand that navigating the world of healthcare insurance and laws can be a complex process. That is why we are ready to guide you in obtaining the 24-hour home care you need and ensure that this care is reimbursed.

When is 24-hour home care insured?

At Happyhomecare, 24-hour home care is insured under the Long-term Care Act (WLZ) for clients who require permanent intensive care or supervision due to a physical, psychogeriatric, intellectual, sensory disability or a psychological condition.


How does Happyhomecare ensure that your care is reimbursed?

We streven ernaar om de beste betaalbare zorg te bieden aan onze cliënten.


Our team will help you apply for an indication from the Care Assessment Center (CIZ). We ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted correctly and on time.

CIZ Rating:

Wij werken nauw samen met het CIZ om ervoor te zorgen dat zij een volledig beeld hebben van uw zorgbehoeften, zodat uw aanvraag soepel verloopt.

Contact with the Care Office:

The care office is a health insurer that monitors compliance with the WLZ. After approval of your indication, Happyhomecare will support you in contacting the care office. We ensure that you receive the care you are entitled to.

Drawing up a care plan:

Our healthcare professionals will work with you to draw up a personal care plan, tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

Healthcare Agreement and Financing:

We will arrange the administrative handling of your care agreement with you and ensure a direct declaration to the care office, so that you do not have to worry about the financial aspects.

Háčkování doma

Healthcare expertise with a heart
for the client

At Happyhomecare, our goal is to not only provide you with the best care, but also to make care provision as stress-free as possible. We understand that every situation is unique and therefore offer a personal approach to ensure that your care fits seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Subsidies en toeslagen

The financing of 24-hour live-in home care can be arranged in various ways. Here are some ways the financing can be approached, along with the relevant websites for additional information and/or explanation:

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Personal Budget (PGB)

The most common means of financing for 24-hour care is the personal budget (PGB). With a PGB you can choose healthcare providers and purchase care yourself. Part of the costs that are not reimbursed via a PGB can in many cases be tax deductible for income tax under the deduction item "fiscal family assistance".

Long-term Care Act (WLZ)

If intensive care is required on a permanent basis and care is required close by 24 hours a day or permanent supervision is required, you may be eligible for an indication under the Long-term Care Act (WLZ). If you indicate that you wish to receive this indication in a PGB, you will be allocated an annual budget with which you can purchase the care.

Health Insurance Act (ZVW)

If the intensive care is related to medical care, it is possible that the care is reimbursed up to 24 hours a day by the health insurer under the Health Insurance Act (ZVW).

Palliative Home Care

If there is a personal budget from a WLZ indication, there are options to increase this budget, so that the costs for palliative home care can be covered

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stařec, od hora

Home care costs

At Happyhomecare we understand that the costs for 24-hour home care are an important aspect when making your choice of care. That is why we offer you a clear explanation about the financing of our healthcare services

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How much PGB do I get for 24-hour care?

The amount you receive in Personal Budget (PGB) is determined by your care needs and the indication you have received according to the Long-term Care Act. This indication is determined by the Care Assessment Center (CIZ). If the CIZ has determined that you need 24-hour care, you can pay for Happyhomecare's services from your PGB. The rates for PGB are redetermined annually.

The CIZ assesses whether someone is eligible for an indication for 24-hour care. To obtain an indication, there must be a complex care need that cannot be solved with lighter forms of care. Below are the general criteria that the CIZ uses for granting an indication for 24-hour care:

To qualify for an indication for 24-hour care, several criteria must be met. First of all, there must be a condition, disability or illness that requires long-term care, such as an intellectual or physical disability, a serious mental disorder or dementia.

In addition, the need for care must be constantly present, both during the day and at night, with a serious limitation in independent functioning and/or in social independence.

Furthermore, the necessary care cannot be provided by informal caregivers or with the help of volunteers. The care need is so complex and/or intensive that it cannot be solved with lighter forms of care, such as home care, day care or guidance.

When determining the indication, the CIZ also looks at the personal situation of the care recipient, including living conditions and the availability of an informal caregiver. A trade-off is made between the client's care needs and the options for organizing this care.

Based on these criteria, the CIZ assesses whether someone is eligible for an indication for 24-hour care.

Who reimburses 24-hour care?

In the Netherlands, 24-hour care is reimbursed under the Long-term Care Act (WLZ). This is a scheme for people who require permanent intensive care, such as people with a physical, mental or sensory disability, or people with a serious psychological disorder.

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Questions about costs?

For more information about our services and how we can help you, we invite you to contact Happyhomecare. Together we take care of your care, at home where you are happy.

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